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African in America Network is an online Network platform that’s sole agenda is to build a strong culture around recycling African dollars globally uniting African Ancestry; building African economics in America and beyond controlling our economic spending power. The Network offers the opportunity for you to join a conglomerate of: Business owners, Artist, videographers, photographers, students, trades men, inventors, humanitarians, civil and juvenile justice advocates, and journalist. Ultimately enabling you the chance to network, brand, and bring your product, mission, or service to a market. Now available is the release of the Network's Official Merchandise the African in America Network "Dad-Hats" rebuilding a Nation, and attributing to the displacement of African Ancestors in the Family structure in America; as well as all those lost tribes in the Atlantic Slave Trades, and African blood shed on American soil and abroad with European Colonialism destroying generations of African Ancestry. Let’s build, and heal together as one people. For more information about this growing Network and mission visit us online today: